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Drum makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and customers, wherever they are. It enables users to create meetings, share documents, take notes, assign tasks and record audio while they talk on the phone.

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Netdev were looking for a design studio to help them create a new brand with a unique style, and a marketing website for their new web meeting product, Drum.

We initially created a strong brand identity. We also quickly established a strong working relationship with the Netdev team, frequently engaging with key project leaders down in sunny Brighton. We spent a lot of time working through, sitemaps and wireframes until we were able to produce comprehensive visuals, a custom icon suite and design guidelines.

We designed and lovingly handcoded the HTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress theme for the Drum website and created a series of illustrations to help explain features, ideas and concepts. The website is fully responsive, highlighting Drum's features in the best way possible on all devices.

Absolutely could not be happier with Supereight's attention to detail, stunning visuals, openness and fresh approach.

Claire Marshall, Drum HQ

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