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Digital Results are a medium sized web design agency based in the UK and specialise in mobile websites, e-Commerce and email marketing.

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As we know all too well, creating your own brand and design infrastructure is the most difficult project there is. You tend to be too close to it and decisions are not made easily.

We are strong believers that outsourcing the creation of your own brand identity to another agency or designer can be very beneficial as we found with our own Supereight logo designed by the talented Brent Couchman. Digital Results approached us with exactly that proposition and we were all to happy to help them out.

We worked as a close team with Digital Results to refine their existing Logo and give it more gravitas. We took their vision for the website and honed the look and feel which included creating a unique modern illustrative style which could be applied to icons and hero units.

It's been worth the wait, we're very happy!

Rory Macrae, Digital Results

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